Mothers, Kids and Teens,

I am so excited to have discovered Kurbo Health!  A health coaching program that safely and effectively helps kids and teens achieve a healthy weight, develop life long healthy habits and educates them on the importance of exercise and nutrition.

Childhood obesity is a serious issue plaguing our society today. With 1/3 of children in the United States alone overweight or obese, this rapidly growing issue must be addressed.  This problem is becoming BIG across all borders.

While childhood obesity is a serious issue, eating disorders among youth is equally problematic. Finding a healthy balance and approach to educating and coaching kids and their families is key to developing life long healthy habits.


The Kurbo Program, based upon years of research on pediatric weight control from Sanford University, is a simple and fantastic tool that assists children and their families to learn healthy eating habits and lose weight through the use of an intelligent mobile app and weekly coaching sessions.  Using the Kurbo app, kids and families track their food and exercise as well as engage with fun games, challenges and videos to learn about nutrition.


The Kurbo app utilizes a proven Traffic Light Diet system to categorize foods into reds, yellows and greens. Rather than focus on calorie counting, which is neither safe nor effective for kids, the Kurbo system is based on teaching users to understand their food choices and gradually decrease the number of reds (unhealthy foods) over time.

Kurbo is simple, fun and effective:

1. Recieve one-on-one coaching from a trained Kurbo coach

  • All coaches are behaviroal modification experts
  • Kids can meet with thier coaches via phone or video conference from home
  • Kids recieve daily motivation from their coach via text, phone and email.  This is crucial to keeping progress on track
  • Your child will be matched with the best coach to compliment their personality, interests and goals

2. Utilize the Traffic Light System to learn healthier eating habits

  • Foods are catagoraized by their nutrition value (Ex. Refined sugars are red and fruits and veggies are green.)
  • Promotes long term healthy lifestyle change without counting calories
  • Proven safe and effective by Stanford’s Pediatric Weight Control Program

3. Track meals and activities with our kid friendly app.

  • Kids can track their food and exercise and monitor their progress
  • Fun games and videos reinforce healthy lifestyle habits
  • Kids learn about protion sizes and how to plan for the week ahead
  • Weekly challenges keep kids motivated

What better gift can we give our kids than to empower them to patrol their own health.


Check out Kurbo and GO GREEN for their health!

Kelly, S & O x0