About Kelly

Hello and thank you so much for stopping by Tots N’ Squats!

My name is Kelly Kaprowski and I am a certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Holistic Nutrition Coach and Kids Nutrition Specialist who specializes in women’s health. Most importantly, I am a proud Mother to my two beautiful identical twin daughters, Sophie and Olivia and a little boy on the way! Prior to having children, I was a Fitness Trainer, specializing in women’s health, training clients in Calgary, Paris and Houston. Since having my own children and experiencing some of the challenges that accompany fertility and Motherhood, training Mothers and helping them become their strongest self has become my true passion.

As a previous avid “gym attendee,” becoming a full time stay at home Mother of twins was a huge change to my fitness schedule. I no longer had the time to devote to my gym routine as I had two little sweethearts dependent on me 24/7! I knew that I had to change my mindset on fitness, get creative, break it into smaller manageable segments and fit in fitness when and where I could!

I wanted to get back into fitness as soon as I could, as exercise truly fuels my body and mind, keeping me physically and mentally strong and healthy. However, I also wanted to spend as much time with my babies as I could, as this was precious time with my girls. So I found a way to incorporate fitness into my everyday routine, use my babies as my weights, bond while getting in a burn, make incredible memories while getting in shape and most importantly, setting an incredible example of health for my daughters.

My goal is to empower all Mothers to find creative ways to fit in fitness at home with their children and become their very best self!