When I was younger and before having kids, I never fully bought into the whole “yoga craze!”  I never understood why someone would spend an hour holding poses, meditating and just breathing when they could have an insane workout, sweat and pump up those amazing hormones released from cardio!  I thought it was kind of a thing for “hippies,” not for me.

Haha, boy was I naive and very wrong about the incredible power and benefits of yoga!  When I was struggling with my fertility, I knew that I needed to make changes to my lifestyle.  I was overdoing it on the workout front, and compromising the health of my body as a result.  I needed to slow down, de-stress, reconnect with myself, my mind and my body, while still maintaining my strength and stamina.

Yoga was my savior.  Anxiety and worry have always been a part of me and have only been amplified since having kids.  Yoga has helped me calm my mind, relax, let go and slow things down from time to time.  Yoga has helped ground me, made me appreciate my body, my health and all of the gifts that I have in my life.  Yoga has been a “Mommy must have!”

Pros of Yoga:


Yoga can help calm the mind and body and decrease stress.  Trying to conceive can be a stressful time for a woman, so anything that can help alleviate this stress may increase your chances of conceiving.  Certain poses can also help encourage blood flow to the reproductive organs, helping boost that fertility!  By reducing stress, this may assist in helping your body have more regular cycles, which is always helpful when trying to conceive.

I practiced yoga from the time I was 6 weeks pregnant to the week before delivery.  Not only was this practice relaxing and peaceful, it helped me maintain the strength, stamina and flexibility to assist me in my labor and postpartum recovery.  And bonus, I met some incredible women who I am good friends with to this day.  A win win situation.  🙂



I am sure that new Mothers can relate to sometimes feeling isolated after having a baby.  Long days at home by yourself with you and your newborn.  Leaving the house can seem like a stressful and daunting task!  I made it a habit of enrolling in a Mommy/baby yoga class as soon as my girls were about a month old.  Getting out, socializing, being around other Moms and moving my body was a must!  I know it may seem out of reach at first, but make it a goal to attend one class a week!  It was such a fun bonding experience for me and my girls and a great opportunity to get out and be social!

As my girls are nearing two, they love copying everything Momma does! 🙂  Our newest move being “downward dog.”  I love setting a healthy example for my kids.  What better gift can we give our children then to teach them to love and take care of themselves, and their bodies.

Whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant or in the early postpartum period, I encourage you to seek out a yoga class!  Give it a try…you never know where this new passion may take you!

Kelly, S & O xo