Pants feeling a little snug?  Feel like you have a “coating” covering your tummy muscles?  Does it hurt to suck in?  I know this feeling well.  Especially before I changed what, when and how I eat!

There are several causes of bloating such as: over eating, eating too fast, eating rich and high fat content foods and eating too much processed CRAP.

Tots N’ Squats 10 Tips to a Tight Tummy!

  1. Rule out glucose or lactose intolerance.  Food allergies can cause serious bloat!  Make sure and check with you Doc or Nutritionist to get a proper diagnosis.  Be careful with self diagnosing and cutting out food groups on your own as you could be missing out on necessary nutrition.
  2. Keep that digestive tract on track!  Not enough fiber, water and exercise can lead to constipation which absolutely leads to the bloat!  Make sure to move for at least 30 minutes a day, drink tons of water (at lease 2L/day,) and eat lots of high fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.
  3. Pass on the Sugar Free!  Sugar alcohols are brutal for the bloat!  Try a small amount of Stevia to add a tad of sweet.
  4. Chomp a little slower.  Bloating many times is caused simply by eating too fast and swallowing too much air.  Slow it down.  Chew more and reduce the bloat.
  5. Watch the fizzy drinks!  Soda, diet soda and even sparkling water can all lead to bloating.  Cut back on the bubbles and enjoy fresh flat water instead.  Spruce it up with lemon, lime, mint, basil, berries!  Refreshing and keeps that tummy flat! 😉
  6. Spit out that gum!  Chewing gum causes you to swallow a lot of air, thus leading to the bloat.  Also, many gums are sugar free which are detrimental to the tummy pooch!  Chewing gum is usually just a habit.  And habits can be changed. 🙂
  7. Pass the salt please!  Sodium is a killer for the bloat.  Careful with that salt shaker but more importantly, note that processed foods are extremely high in sodium!  2400mg/day is the recommended daily intake, which adds up very quick.  Cut the CRAP and pass the salt!
  8. Get in the good bacteria.  Ask your health food store about a good probiotic.  This can definitly help put the bloat at bay.
  9. Be careful with certain beans and vegetables. The cruciferous family of veggies (broccoli, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts) tend to cause the bloat.  This does not mean exclude them from your diet.  Simply eat them in smaller quantities and allow your body to adjust.
  10. Eat smaller portions.  Over eating is a major cause for the bloat.  Eat three balanced meals with snacks in between to remain satiated and to prevent over eating at meals.

*Some information modified from WebMd

If these tricks don’t tame that tummy, talk to your Doc for further investigation.

Kelly, S & O xo