I am all about “treating yourself” on vacation and vacating from your normal routine and diet.  However, when I completely let myself go, I feel sick, I don’t enjoy my vacation as much and I end up feeling like a need a vacation after my vacation to get back on the health wagon!  In my opinion, balance and sticking to some sort of healthy eating and physical activity while on vacation is best for enjoying your time off!

Here are a few tips to “somewhat” stay on the healthy bandwagon while away:

  1. Ditch the “soda” for “soda” water!  Rather than sipping cola with your vice of choice, try mixing your drinks with soda water and a wedge of lime!  You’re bikini bottom will thank you for it 😉
  2. Water, water, water!  Between the heat and the margaritas, rehydrating is a must!  It will keep you feeling energized, cool, and balanced!
  3. Fill up on fruit!  Load up on the local fruit!  Fresh off the vine 🙂
  4. Hit the beach!  Walk, run, throw the ball around!  Get moving!  Make fitness fun!
  5. Sink or swim!  Hop in the pool with the kids!  Tread water, play pool games, pull the kiddos around, SWIM hard and fast to the swim up bar 😉
  6. Book adventure activities!  Go on a family hike, hit the town by foot and tour, rent a sea kayak, and snorkel!  Make it fun!  Try new activities!
  7. Dance off those cals!  Hit the dance floor with your favorite moves! Make movement fun!
  8. Keep your kiddos well hydrated in the heat and fueled with healthy meals and snacks!


With love,

Kelly, S & O xo