Who said toys are for kids?!

Sophie and Olivia are busy little bees!  One of their favorite games is building their block tower!  With S&O’s new found love for “building block towers,” I figured why not get down there and “make it fitness and fun for Mom!”

Building Blocks to Health:

  • Perform a “boat pose” or “V-sit.”
  • Ensure that you keep your chest up, shoulders back and lower core engaged.
  • If having your heels off of the ground is causing any pain in your lower back, or if you feel like this is too advanced, simply bring heels to ground for additional support.
  • Begin will all blocks on one side of your body
  • Grab one block while keeping core engaged and place block on opposite side of body.
  • Grab the next block and repeat.

Make fitness fun!  Every bit counts and every bit adds up!

Happy Monday!

Kelly, Sophie & Olivia xo