Our biggest factor that contributes to failing at fitness is OVERTHINKING IT!

  • We think that we need the perfect day to start (usually a Monday or the 1st of January)
  • The perfect workout outfit that doesn’t make us look fat
  • The perfect personal trainer to kick our butts
  • The perfect diet
  • The perfect gym
  • The perfect program
  • And the perfect amount of time to exercise!

Can you see how you have already set yourself up for failure?!  If ONE of these falls short, we quit and wait until the next Monday or even worse, the next January 1st! 😉



Small bursts of fitness throughout the day add up!  It is not realistic to have a perfect fitness routine and regime when you are a Mom!  We must be flexible, adaptable, creative, adopt a good sense of humor and fit in fitness at home with our kids!

Stop worrying if you are doing every exercise perfect!  Don’t worry if you lose count of reps, sets, and time!  Simply MOVE!

  • Dance with your kids
  • Chase your kids
  • Play kid and seek, tag
  • Hold a plank while reading to your kids
  • Get in a few pushups while playing on the ground
  • Do jumping jacks with your kids

The opportunities to fit in fitness are endless!

Why wait for a new year?

Stop thinking and MOVE! 🙂


Kelly, S & O xo