If our babes can whine, then heck, so can we! ­čśë

Bonjour Momma’s! Living in France changed me in many incredible ways. It gave me an appreciation and a new found love for amazing culture, food, family life, travel, architecture, history, language, balance, people and delectable┬áwine! I long for those days, sitting on Parisian cafe terraces with a glass of wine, watching the bustle, the Eiffel Tower sparkle and the sun set on Sacre Coeur. Such magical memories I cherish of an incredible place.┬áUnfortunately, or fortunately, however you choose to view it, France did turn me into a bit of a wine connoisseur!

I am becoming a woman of balance, and my balance definitely includes a little, well sometimes more than a little, Vin Rouge!

Our little angels get their “whine time,” so join me ladies for a bit of mommy “wine time!” ­čÖé

What’s Kelly cracking from her cellar tonight?

J. LOHR Cabernet Sauvignon – California┬á

Love drinking my wine paired with a platter.  Reminds me of my Paris evenings!


Enjoy ladies, you’ve earned it!

Kelly S and O xo