My first fitness competition in 2010…. As a fitness fanatic, I had to find my way to balance & moderation while also cultivating optimal health and fertility! I learned when to “tone it down.”

Hello Momma’s and MTB!

I want to share with you my personal story of when I knew it was time to “tone it down.”
As a fitness fanatic, I have always been obsessed with working out, trying new activities, challenging myself and pushing the limit to see what my body could do. I trained for marathons, college volleyball, fitness competitions, daily double workouts at the gym… my goodness!

Fitness has always been my “antidepressant.” Pushing my body and mind gave me such a sense of freedom and a feeling of complete power and fulfillment that I cannot describe!

But when do you know when to tone it down? When is it enough, enough?

You hear of competitive athletes, runners and dancers going years without a menstrual cycle. The pressure to maintain a vigorous training schedule, along with a lean body composition, can cause your “female machine” to shut down! There are some women who are able to maintain an intense level of fitness and still keep a healthy cycle, but if you are not menstruating, your body is most likely giving you the hint that it is time to “tone it down.”

I competed in my first fitness competition in 2010. Looking back, I do have a good chuckle at myself!! Just wasn’t for me, but I do have a few friends who continued on the fitness competition path and have become extremely successful in the industry! The training was pretty intense for the competition: a specific weight program, cardio training and a strict diet were necessary to maintain a lean muscle, low body fat physique.

Following this experience and after moving to Paris, I was hooked on running. Not only did I run almost every day, I walked everywhere I went in Paris and many times worked out with my clients while I was training them. I went off the pill around the time of my fitness competition and did not get my period back for almost two years. I now know that my level of fitness intensity was too much for my body to function properly. It was time to “tone it down.”

I am fully supportive of women challenging themselves to different fitness activities. However, if you are not menstruating, your body might be trying to tell you something! Regardless if you are trying to conceive or not, having a normal cycle is very important to a woman’s health. Amenorrhea comes with low estrogen, which can potentially lead to osteoporosis.

If you want to get pregnant, and are still giving it all you’ve got on the fitness side, it might be time to modify your routine. This does not mean giving up on your favorite high intensity activities, but simply following the moderation rule.

Everything in moderation.

For example: if you are an advent runner and run 6 times a week, perhaps cut back to three shorter runs a week and do a day or two of relaxing yoga, or a swim.

Engaging in relaxing and lower intensity activities such as walking, swimming, jogging, Pilates and yoga can not only keep you fit mentally and physically but allow your body a regular cycle and best prepare you for pregnancy!

Bottom line ladies: listen to your body and know when to “tone it down!”