Wearing ASICS Women’s Low Cut Short in Pink Glo!

Life works best with balance!  It can be challenging finding that balance when becoming a new Mother!  Let’s accept this, love the chaos and work on our balance act!

Tips for your balance:

1.   Make time for Mom!

Whether it be making time to work out, read, play an instrument or get out with girlfriends, make time for YOU!  You will be a happier and better Mother…

2.  Make time for your partner!

I know that a romantic night out, or in, may seem like an impossible task after baby arrives, but try and keep the spark lit!  Studies have shown that couples who are affectionate towards one another raise more emotionally stable children and children who are able to express themselves emotionally.  They are always watching so set the example!

3.   Sweat!

Sweat produces happy hormones!  Happy Mom = Happy home!  Make time to move even for 15 minutes a day!  Remember, household chores can be fitness!  Get that vacuum out, place your tot in the Bjorn and sweat!  Every bit counts!

4.   Nourish!

Fill your tank with mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, lean meats and low fat dairy.  Oh and a little wine and chocolate to balance it out! 😉

Find your balance.  Find a happier you!

Kelly, S & O xo