Howdy Mommas!

What a whirlwind couple of years it has been!  Moving to Houston, having twins, husband starting a new job, buying a new home, making incredible friends and now moving home to Calgary!  Wheeeeew!

I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to live in Texas, meet the wonderful people that I did, give birth to my amazing twin daughters, live in a home that I loved and helped Mothers with their nutrition and fitness in the pre and postnatal period.

Calgary is my home.  It is where a large part of my heart is and always will be.  My family.  My friends.  The mountains.  The beauty of nature.  I am sad to leave my life in Houston, but I feel fortunate for the opportunities to come in Calgary!

Get excited Gals!  Tots N’ Squats is so excited for our next chapter!

In The Works:

  • Tots N’ Squats Fitness Classes – babes allowed! 😉
  • Mom N’ Tot one-on-one sessions – in home
  • Tots N’ Squats online training
  • Nutritional Coaching – online
  • Tots N’ Squats Challenges
  • Corporate Bootcamps

Round up your Mommy friends ladies, grab your tots and let’s get in the best shape of our lives! 

Contact Kelly Kaprowski privately for further information at:

Be your best you now!

With love,

Kelly, S & O xo