Crying babies, alarm blaring and dreading getting out of that warm bed?

Try our “wake me up workout” and get excited about getting up, working up a sweat, bonding with your babe and starting your day on the best note!


Try our top 3 exercises that will be sure to energize you and leave you feeling incredible the rest of your day!

  1.  Baby Good Mornings & Baby Shoulder Press!

A fun way to get in some morning snuggles and kisses while strengthening your core and shoulders! Complete 2 baby good mornings and 2 baby shoulder presses.  10 rounds!

  1.  Baby Shuffle!

Make mornings fun with the baby shuffle!  Holding on to your tot, squatting deep, shuffle back and forth while singing your top 3 favorite nursery rhymes!

  1.  Baby Reverse Lunge & Baby Bicep Curl!

Holding onto that tot, lunge backwards, return to starting position and complete a bicep curl.  Repeat on other side.  10 reps each side!

Bond and burn ladies and MAKE FITNESS FUN!

Kelly, S & O xo