Hello lovely Mothers,

I have gone through a VERY dry spell with my writing!  It is funny how inspiration can come full force, lighting up every ounce of your being, yet also leave the next morning with no notice.  With yet  another move under our belt and a new calendar year approaching, I am ready to get back into a routine of doing what I love…connecting and helping inspire incredible women and Mothers like you all!

My girls are almost two and a half and are blossoming into the most incredible little human beings!  I can’t believe the development, growth, maturity and change that happen week after week.  What a gift to be able to witness this incredible journey.


With my girls on the grow and my inspiration and interest expanding, Tots N’ Squats will be expanding!

Coming Soon…

  • My favorite and effective quick workouts!
  • Workout of the week!
  • Nutrition tips!
  • Keeping your kids active and healthy!
  • My favorite healthy recipes!
  • Sophie and Olivia’s favorite recipes!
  • Kid’s nutrition!
  • Mommy inspiration, health and wellness!
  • Mommy beauty & fashion!
  • Kids crafts & activities!
  • MORE Tots N’ Squats Mom and Tot classes!
  • Private Tots N’ Squats Personal Training & Nutritional Guidance!

Can’t wait to continue on this journey towards your best health with you and your little one!  Exciting stuff to come! 🙂

With love,

Kelly, S & O xo