To My Incredible Ladies,

I am so unbelievably excited to be re-lauching my blog and business with a new site, new look, new content and new workouts with my twins and my little man on the way! 🙂

My Passion:

My passion is truly working with and inspiring women and Mothers in all areas and phases of their lives!  I believe that fitness and nutrition heals from the inside out.  When we are properly fueling our bodies, minds, and are getting regular exercise, everything just works better.  I am a better Mother, daughter, sister, wife and friend when I am taking care of myself.

Since becoming a Mother and experiencing the challenges that accompany Motherhood, helping women and being mindful of my health has never been more important!  I do what I do because I know the profound impact that a healthy diet, fitness routine and a little balance (when possible) can have on a woman, her children and her family as a unit!  I do what I do because seeing women thrive from little bits of adivce on how to make small changes in thier lives and the incredible impact it has on their self esteem and self worth lights me up!  I do what I do because I truly believe in leading by example and I want to be the best role model of health for my daughters and son.

My Goals:

Whether it be women who are struggling to concieve, trying to stay fit and healthy during thier pregnancy, or those in the postpartum period of life, my goal is to inspire you all to believe that you CAN fit in fitness into your daily routine and equip you with tthe best information and guidance to live your healthiest and happiest life!  

My Mission:

Tots N’ Squat’s mission is to help Mothers find creative ways to “fit in fitness!”

Your continued support is appreciated more than you know!


Kelly, Sophie, Olivia and Bump xox