With Christmas and a new year just around the corner, it is time to take your health and wellness into your own hands and make YOU a priority!  Give yourself the gift of being your best you!

I have heard many people say that once you become a Mother, it is no longer about you and all about you child.  Obviously this little bundle of joy IS top priority, however, completely neglecting yourself is not healthy for you or your baby.  It is not selfish to invest in your health and in fact, it will make you an even more incredible Mother, partner, person!

Benefits of Tots N’ Squats Classes:

  • Boost energy
  • Lose baby weight
  • Tone post partum body
  • Alliviate post partum baby blues/depression
  • Fight fatique
  • Regain muscluar balance
  • Build your confidence and self esteem
  • Bond with your baby while getting into your best shape

What we offer:

  • One on One Personal Trainier (in your home)
    • Personalized fitness program based on your specific goals, needs, time schedule
    • Option to work out with your baby (using your baby as a weight to lose your baby weight) or on your own
    • Food journal and nutrition tips based on your personal diet/habits
    • $65/session
  •  Group Sessions (At Kelly’s Home)
    • Groups of at least 5-6 Moms
    • Babysitting incuded if your babe is too old and too busy to be used as a weight 🙂
    • Organic muffins and coffee served after sessions
    • $15/class – typically 6 week sessions 1X/week