The age old saying, “you are what you eat,” has never been more important during this special time! Not only are you what you eat, but your baby is what you eat too.

The Best Gift You Can Give Your Baby

Eating a well balanced diet during pregnancy is one of the best gifts that you can give your baby to be! A healthy diet extremely enhances your baby to be’s overall health.

Ideally, adopting a healthy eating regime prior to getting pregnant is best, as it has been shown to help boost fertility. However, it is never too late to start! If you have never given much thought to your diet, now is the perfect opportunity to make a change. This is a time when what you are putting in your mouth has never been more important.

Bonus: Not only will you and your baby to be reap the benefits of healthy eating, you will help provide a model for their eating habits starting from infancy through childhood and beyond!

Treat Your Body Like A Temple & You Will Feel Like One


Now is the time to treat your body like a temple. It will keep you feeling amazing during pregnancy and even assist you during labour.

Nourishing your body during pregnancy will:

  • keep you feeling energetic
  • keep you feeling happy
  • help stabilize your mood
  • greatly assist you during labor
  • ease postpartum weight loss

No Excuse To Eat For Two

I know that sometimes it can be difficult seeing that scale creep up and up, but gaining the appropriate amount of weight is a wonderful thing during pregnancy. It shows that you are properly nurturing you and your baby and that your baby is growing!

Unfortunately, some women use pregnancy as an excuse for eating whatever they want or eating for two. Pregnancy is not an excuse to eat for two. The truth is:

Pregnancy only requires an additional 300 calories to properly nourish your growing baby.

Still, many woman gain way beyond the recommended amount to gain during a pregnancy, and unfortunately, the majority of these calories come from empty, high sugar, high fat and nutrient lacking foods.

Swap empty calories with:

  • nutrient dense fruits
  • vegetables
  • whole grains
  • low fat dairy
  • lean meats
  • & of course, water!

I hope in the blogs to come to share with you some healthy ways in which you can make eating healthy and delicious! You and your baby are worth it!