Hi Mommas,

Meet Megan!


Not only is Megan an incredible Yoga Instructor, she is a Super Momma to two adorable girls; Londyn, 2 and newborn Karssen!  This Mom does it all from inspiring women to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, to caring for her 2 beautiful daughters and now embarking on her new business!


Megan’s Story:

“Londyn loves yoga and has long wanted to practice with me!  Over the last year or so, she’s started wanting to dress like me, clothing and accessories as well. We love getting to wear matching bracelets.  It’s a little thing, but it has provided a wonderful bonding experience for us!  Not only do I cherish this time that I get to spend with her, I like reaping the benefits of natural stones and knowing that the bracelets are practical as well. I hope your adorable little ones have as much fun wearing them as we do!”


Check out Megan’s website for further information and to get your own set of bracelets! www.teenieweenieyogini.com


Kelly S & O xo