Howdy Mommas and Mommas to be!

Back in Cow Town and ready for the Calgary Stampede!  With beer gardens and deep-fried everything on a stick just around the corner, I must compensate with a quick workout to lessen the guilt!

Interval training is a great way get more “bang for your buck” with your workouts.  Rather than jogging on the treadmill at a comfortable pace for 1 hour while chatting or reading a book, cut your workout in half by challenging yourself with the intensity of your workout!  Change up the speed and the incline and torch calories, burn fat, increase metabolism, boost your mood and save time!

Take 30 minutes and complete six, 5-minute cardio intervals!  Intervals can be completed on any cardio machine or outside walking, running or jogging.  You know your body best!

Use the RPE (rate of perceived exertion) scale to monitor your personal progress.

  • RPE is a personal scale from 1-10
  • 1 = no exertion
  • 10 = max exertion

Sophie’s Interval Workout: Complete six, 5-minute intervals.  We completed ours on a treadmill 🙂

  • Minute 1 – Level 6 on your own RPE
  • Minute 2 – Level 7 on your own RPE
  • Minute 3 – Level 8 on your own RPE
  • Minute 4 – Level 9 on your won RPE
  • Minute 5 – Level 10 on your own RPE

Determining your base RPE may take some trial and error.  Challenge yourself, but do not over exert yourself.  Start slow and work your way up!

Interval training can be done while pregnant, but at a much lower intensity.  Start your Level of RPE at 3 and work your way to a Level 7!  Listen to your body and stop immediately and call your Doc if you experience any pain, bleeding, faintness or dizziness. 

Cardio for the day is done!  Yeeeeeeeeee-ha!

Kelly, S & O xo

*Always check with your Doc prior to engaging in any fitness program!