There absolutely is some truth to “beauty sleep!”  I know that I am definitely not a “beauty” when I don’t get my sleep!

Sleep deprivation is a given when becoming a new Mother.  Feedings every 2 hours during the night, colicky babies, new mouths to feed, a house to maintain, the list goes on!


It seems as though we pride ourselves on how much we can handle on little to no sleep!  We try to be the perfect new Mother… Take care of the babies, the house, maintain a social life and a strong relationship with our partner.  There comes a point where we must let go of the control, accept help, leave the laundry and the dishes and SLEEP!


Sleep deprivation can make one delirious, hallucinate, anxious, depressed, unable to think logically, practically drive us crazy…sound familiar? 😉  Recognizing the huge effects that the lack of sleep can have on our mood, emotion and logic is helpful knowledge for getting through the first few months!  Sleep is a beautiful, healing and absolutely necessary part of life and when we don’t get it, we may not be the “beauties” we once were pre-baby.  Embrace this phase of Motherhood and do everything that you can to get some extra Zzzzzz’s!


Sleep Tips:

  1. Accept help!  May it be from your partner, Mother, sister, friend.  Accepting help does not make you a “bad Mother,” it makes you a way better Mother!
  2. Sleep when baby sleeps!  I always felt as though I needed to be doing something during the day when the babies were sleeping.  This only left me more tired and irritable.  Sleep when your baby is sleeping!  Every little bit of shut eye will help you feel more like you!
  3. Pump and allow your partner to help with the feeds!  I was set on only nursing from me, but this lead me to literally being up all hours of the night and feeling like a zombie the next day!  Give up a little bit of control, take care of yourself and I promise the baby will not suffer from a bottle of pumped breast milk or formula!  And plus, it will allow your partner precious bonding time with the baby!
  4. Avoid screen time before bed!  Power down at least an hour before bed to ensure quality sleep!
  5. Learn to say NO!  No to added responsibilities.  No to additional activities.  Focus on you and your baby and ensuring that you are getting enough rest.
  6. Nix the caffeine!  Cup of Joe in the am is my savior, but definitely not necessary come afternoon.  Opt for a hot cup of herbal tea instead.  This will help you to relax, destress and allow for good sleep!
  7. Exercise!  Even if only for 10-15 mins/day!  Exercise will give you energy, boost those good mood hormones and help you sleep better at night!
  8. Know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!  One day, before you know it, your baby will sleep through the night and you will be back to your regular sleep!  I felt like a different person once I slept again!  Know that this one component will make a world of difference in your health once you are able to sleep again!

Sweet dreams!

Kelly, S & O xo