Hi Ladies,

Are you aware of your actions and behaviors?  Are you conscious of your habits both good and bad?  “Lead by example” has really hit home for me as I find my daughters starting to literally mimic what Mommy does!

They truly are always watching.  We must keep this in mind as we set the example for our children.

Set the example of health…They are always watching!

Nutrition:  They are what you feed them!  We cannot expect our children to eat healthy if we are filling our bodies with CRAP!  Sit down for mealtime with you kids.  Show them how healthy food can be delicious.  Remember, you are their role model and if you are enjoying broccoli and carrots, I bet they will follow suite!

Exercise:  Unplug, disconnect and reconnect to simple play!  Get outside, move your body, make fitness a fun game for the whole family!  All movement counts!

Your words:  Watch what comes out of that mouth!  😉  They are always listening too and we don’t want their first word to be **???***! 😉

Mind your manners:  Again, they will do as you do so make sure that you are minding your p’s and q’s!


Kelly, S & O xo