Happy Friday Ladies!

Soph and Liv are on the move so this Momma’s days are getting busy!  Regardless of the change of pace, I still do my best to make time for my workout!  Especially on the weekends when I let me diet go…

Tabata is one of my favorite workouts that will keep you on tempo, on pace and motivated to push forward!

Get your “Quickie Weekend Workout” on!  Download the free tabata timer on your iPhone here:

Tabata Circuit #1: 8 sets

Jump Squats (or stationary squats) – 20 seconds

Jumping Jacks (or rest) – 10 seconds

Tabata Circuit #2: 8 sets

Pushups (from toes or knees or against the wall) – 20 seconds

Plank Hold (from toes or knees or rest) – 10 seconds

Tabata Circuit #3: 8 sets

Reverse Lunges (body weight or holding weight by sides 5-10lbs) – 20 seconds

High Knees (or marching in place or rest) – 10 seconds

I enjoy this workout in the fresh air at the park while Sophie and Liv are on the swings! 🙂


Kelly S & O xo

* Always consult your doc prior to participating in any postnatal fitness