I find it incredible what our bodies are capable of!  It is fascinating how our bellies grow and stretch to support our growing child!  As amazing as it is, the aftermath can sometimes be not so beautiful, yet of course completely worth it! 😉

I remember when I was pregnant with my twins, I would think “there is no way that my tummy can get any bigger!”  And then it did!  Bigger and bigger and bigger! 🙂  Amazing how our bodies can accommodate a pregnancy!  I also remember thinking, “oh dear, I am going to be an absolute puddle after this!”  Regardless, I did my best to take the best care of myself and my growing baby during and after delivery!


My top 10 tummy tricks that helped my tummy pre and postnatal:

  1. Water, Water, Water!!  I know that you already feel full to the brim while pregnant, but getting enough water helps hydrate your skin, preventing stretch marks and flushing out toxins
  2. Lub it up!  I would literally apply coconut and bio oil to my belly constantly!
  3. Wear a belly band right after delivery.  I wore a belly band for a good 2 months after the delivery of my twins.  Not only does it help shrink your uterus, I found it a great core support when I would get out of bed at night to nurse.
  4. Restore your core immediately!  Kegels, Kegels, KEGELS!  Restore your core as soon as possible but strengthening your pelvic floor.  This will lay the foundation of core strength as well as heal diastisis recti, so that you can get back to your normal fitness regime!
  5. Cut the CRAP and opt for healthy, REAL foods… NOT “food like” products.  Marketing can be deceiving and the so called “healthy, whole, natural” products that you are consuming are actually making you fat!  Especially in the tummy!
  6. Focus on full body, multi joint exercises to strengthen the core, not just crunches.  People have the misperception that you must do a million crunches to target the core.  Truth it, squats, lunges, planks, pushups, burpees etc, all target the core AND more!!  More bang for your buck.
  7. Take a good pro biotic.  Maintaining good gut health will keep that gut tight!
  8. Cut the artificial sweeteners. You may think that by swaping that coke for diet coke or sugar for splenda that you are doing yourself a favor, you are NOT!  Artificial sweeteners are chemical garbage and are making North Americans fatter than ever!  If you need a little extra sweetness, try stevia in moderation.
  9. Too much protein will be stored as fat.  People think that eating a ton of protein will build only muscle.  The truth is that when you consume large amounts of proteins, or any macro-nutrient, your body will take what it needs and store any excess as fat…not muscle. Balance is key here…
  10. Get your sweat on!  As a busy mom, I get my cardio in by power walking/running, dancing, chasing my kids, cleaning my house, carrying my kids around, skating with my girls etc!  Cardio is a must for keeping that tummy tight!


In best health,

Kelly, S & O xo