As a busy and active Mom to twin toddlers, who still would like to look fashionable on a busy day out with the kiddos, having an incredible bag is key!

24 Hour_3-2

I find there are days when Sophie, Liv and I leave the house at 8am and do not get home until dinner!  With swimming, gymnastics, Mom & Tot yoga, play dates, and not to mention the snacks, drinks, diapers, wipes, changes of clothes, books, toys and whatever gadgets will keep these two occupied on a day out, I NEED a great bag!

24 Hour_3

Epirus London was designed by Alan Kelly and Kristin Price.  As competitive tennis players playing at Oxoford and Cambridge as well as working professionals, Alan and Kristin had yet to find a tennis bag that wasn’t bright red, blue or yellow, leaving you looking like a walking advertisement for tennis bag companies.  This lead them to building the perfect tennis bag – one that works for all parts of your life!  Epirus London was born.

24 Hour_4

These bags are versatile and beautiful and are my absolute favorite “Mommy Bag” for my active lifestyle.  I have yet to find a bag that offers it all and looks amazing!

24 Hour_17

Thank you Epirus London…for putting a little practicality and chic into my Mommy days 🙂

For more info on Epirus London, click HERE! 

Kelly S & O xo