Posture, posture, posture!

I sound like your mother, I know. However, now that I am a mother, I don’t feel so bad harping on you all 😉

Hello Momma’s and MTB!

As annoying as it is to always be told to “mind your posture,” developing and maintaining good posture during pregnancy can greatly benefit you and your baby.

Good posture promotes optimal function, strength and balance of the body which will greatly assist in the recovery postpartum and furthermore, will help prevent aches and pains!

Good posture will ensure that:

    • Your baby has adequate room to grow and move
    • Reduce lower back, shoulder and hip pain
    • Prevent excess tightening of the muscles, thus preventing postpartum problems such as diastisis recti

Especially for those momma’s who work at a desk all day, posture is very important to work on as your chest muscles will be short and tight and your back muscles elongated and weak. Pregnancy and relaxin will only worsen this problem if posture is neglected!

Try to remember:

      • Chest up
      • Shoulders back
      • Think of someone pulling your head up by a string
      • If you have children, try and avoid carrying only on one side

If you have a hard time remembering to “mind your posture” here’s a little trick!

Place bright sticky tabs with the bolded word POSTURE on your fridge, mirrors, doors, and steering wheel in your car to help remind you!