Hi Ladies.  One of the many wonderful aspects of blogging is connecting with people from the past.  I feel so incredibly lucky to have connected with Laura – we went to college together in Minnesota, but unfortunately, our paths never seemed to cross.  However, Laura and I have reconnected since the launch of my blog and she has been kind enough to help me with the newest section of Tots N’ Squats on Postpartum Disorders.  We are so grateful that she is sharing her insight and incredible knowledge base with us!

Laura Novitsky is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in the state of Minnesota and currently works as a Mental Health Therapist in the Twin Cities. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Communications from the College of Saint Benedict and then went on to pursue her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She has always felt that it was her calling to help others, and truly believes in the power of positive thinking and striving for balance in all areas of life. Her goal as a therapist is always to assist others with finding what makes them the happiest and healthiest individuals they can be.


Postpartum disorders are extremely common, yet unfortunately are rarely discussed.  Society depicts how new Mothers should act and feel after the birth of their children, leaving some women feeling sad and guilty if they don’t quite “fit this mold.”  Our bodies, hormones and lives go through such drastic changes during this time.  This, coupled with sleep deprivation and a lack of time for yourself, can be extremely taxing on a woman!  Mommas, if you are suffering from any postpartum symptoms, know that you are NOT alone, it is NOT your fault and you are NOT a bad Mother!  Try to remember “this too shall pass…”

Laura has shared that a common concept used by therapists is the idea of “filling your tool box” with skills and techniques.  This way, when faced with difficult situations or distressing emotions, we have a whole “box” full of techniques to draw from.  I experienced my fair share of ups and downs after the birth of my twins,  and absolutely still do to this day!  Laura’s techniques have been, and continue to be extremely valuable and easy to apply to my every day.

Check in each week to see which “tool” Laura has added to our “toolbox!” 🙂

We can’t thank you enough, Laura…

Kelly S & O xo