I have been in a battle with my body most of my life.  If only I could lose 5 more pounds, grow taller, tone this, tighten that, tweak this, be more athletic, have clearer more radiant skin, would I then be happy!  I never seemed to be content with the “me” in the moment.

Although this toxic way of thinking reared its ugly head throughout my pregnancy, something changed after giving birth to my twin daughters.  As I laid there in my hospital bed with two little healthy miracles snuggled in my arms and looking up at me, I felt so much gratitude for my body…I fell in love with myself right then and there and I couldn’t believe what my body just created.

I still have bad days where I beat myself up.  Of course, I am human.  But I now hold a new appreciation for myself and for my body.  Rather than look in the mirror and pick myself apart, I see life, beauty, miracles created and I feel proud.  A small change in perception can open up a whole new world of beauty.


Loving Your Body Post Baby:

  1. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself time to heal.  You just created a human.  There is always time to “get your body back.”  Take this time to bond and enjoy this new gift.
  2. Ease back into exercise slowly.  Light walking/cardio is a great way to get back into movement.  Be sure to always consult with your doctor prior to engaging in any physical activity post pregnancy.
  3. Join a Mom and Tot Fitness Class!  This is a great opportunity to meet other Mothers and bond with your baby while getting your body back!  Again, always check with your doctor prior to engaging in any physical activity post pregnancy.
  4. Realize and accept that you will need to keep on a little bit of extra weight if you are nursing.  Adequate healthy calories are required to produce enough milk for your baby.  Normally about 500 extra calories are necessary to keep milk supply up.  Remember that what you eat, your baby eats, so nourish the two of you with healthy and real whole foods.
  5. View stretch marks, c-section scars and loose skin in a different light!  They helped you grow and give life to a beautiful and healthy baby!  These scars tell an incredible story!  Be proud of them and love them!  They are a beautiful part of you.
  6. Practice loving your body in this very moment.  Our bodies are always changing and it is so important to practice self love in the moment.  What are you grateful for that your body is allowing you to do today?  I am grateful that my heart is strong enough to allow me to run!  There is always something to be grateful for.  You just need to ask yourself the right questions.
  7. Our kids are always watching.  Especially as the Mother of daughters, I must be mindful of the way that I look at myself, talk to myself and love myself.  In a society obsessed with image, it is important that I set the example at home.
  8. Restore your pelvic floor.  Kegels, Kegels, Kegels!  They can be done anywhere!  I use to practice them while nursing my babies.

Silence the neurotic inner battle.  Love yourself today…exactly who you are.

Kelly S & O xo