Your baby’s dirty diaper says a lot about their health and nutrition!  Instead of dreading dirty diaper duty, use it as an opportunity to really get a good idea of your child’s heath!

So hold your breath and let’s talk dirty!

Newborn Poop: Meconium

Oh those first few diapers!  Luckily, my husband had the privilege of taking care of those! 😉

Expect sticky dark greenish black tar like poop.  This is totally normal and is called meconium…made from skin cells, amniotic fluid, mucus and other substances ingested in utero.

Breastfed Baby Poop:

“Normal” poop colors for breastfed babies are a mustard yellow, green or brown color.  Healthy breastfed poop does not tend to “stink.”  Oh just wait until the solids start! 😉

Formula Fed Baby Poop:

Healthy formula fed baby poop will tend to be a shade of brown or yellow with fewer, yet bigger and smellier poops than breastfed baby stools.

Green Poop:

Often seen in infants who are taking an iron supplement.  The green color can also come from the introduction to solid foods such as spinach, beans, peas and other green veggies.

Dark Blood in Baby Poop:

Sometimes your baby’s poop can have small specs of dark blackish blood in it.  This is often times caused from blood ingested from breastfed babies due to cracked/dry nipples.  Check with your Doc to make sure that this is the case and not something more serious.

Time to call the Doc if….

White Poop:

White or gray chalky poop may be a sign that your little one is having difficulty digesting foods.  The white can indicate a problem with the bile, which comes from the liver, to digest the food.

Red Blood in Poop:

Red blood in normal poop could indicate a sign of an allergy to milk protein while red blood in diarrhea could indicate a bacterial infection.

Hard, Pebbly Poop:

Sometimes when babies are introduced to solids, they can become constipated.  This type of poop could also be a sign of sensitivity to soy, formula or milk.

Runny Poop:

Diarrhea, if left untreated, can lead to dehydration pretty quick for little babes.  If you notice runny, poop, take your tot to the Doc to make sure that there is no serious infection or allergy.

My apologies for talking so dirty… 😉


With love,

Kelly, S & O xo