“Stop and smell the roses…” This age old saying may be more beneficial than we think!

Anxiety is when one has too much fear and worry.  Many people have “generalized anxiety” where they worry and stress about anything and everything, even the smallest things.  In some more extreme cases,  people may even experience “panic attacks” as a result of their anxiety.

I have always been a worry wart.  Stressing and worrying about every little thing!  Becoming a Mother has only made this worse.  I dread the day Soph and Liv will be “riding in cars with boys!” YIKES! 😉

Exercise has always been my number one method of dealing with my worry and stress.  Now that I am a busy Mom to my beauties, I have had to learn other methods to deal with this issue.

Laura has shared that a common tool to deal with anxiety is to really tune in to your 5 senses.  She states: “I always encourage people to use their 5 senses (touch, sight, taste, sound, smell) to keep themselves grounded and focused when anxiety starts to take-over.”

These coping strategies are focused on improving your mood and can be practiced and implemented in your every day routine!



  • Getting a massage
  • Taking a hot bath
  • Swimming (float your boat!)
  • Relaxing in the sun
  • Wearing your most comfortable clothes
  • Playing with an animal
  • Stretching



  • Reading a good book! (I am reading “The Promise of a Pencil”) – very inspiring book!
  • Watching the clouds – reminds me of being a little girl
  • Watching a funny movie or show
  • Looking at pictures of loved ones
  • Looking at pictures of your past fun vacations



  • Sipping herbal tea or a hot cup of coffee
  • Slowly sucking on a hard candy
  • Sipping your favorite wine…thank goodness it’s “Wine Wednesday!” 😉
  • Eating healthy food
  • Eating a comforting meal



  • Singing to yourself
  • Listening to relaxing music
  • Saying positive things to yourself – Positive Affirmations!
  • Playing a musical instrument



  • Buy your favorite flowers and put them on your bedside table
  • Deeply breathing in fresh air
  • Get out to the wilderness and take in the delicious smells!  Sophie, Liv and I are loving the fresh aroma of the blooming flowers on our morning walks. 🙂
  • Lighting a scented candle

Next time you feel that stress, worry and anxiety coming on, stop and literally, “smell the roses!”  

**Information derived from ptsdawayout.com

Take 5 minutes today and create your 5 senses list!

Thank you for all of your positive advice, Laura!

Kelly S & O xo