Hello beautiful Mommas to be!

I have many girlfriends who are nearing the end of their pregnancy and have asked me how I found the motivation to keep moving! ¬†I know that pregnancy can be taxing on the body, leaving you feeling exhausted, sore, tight, uncomfortable and sometimes, well many times, moody (those darn hormones!) ūüėČ

With that beautiful voluptuous bump and your little one dancing inside of you, it can be easy to decline a workout, especially when sprawled out on the couch watching your favorite program!  Mustering up the energy to get out and move you and that baby bump can be a challenge.


What kept me motivated to move?

  • The happy, positive and calm feelings that would come after exercising
  • Knowing that exercise would significantly help me bounce back after delivery
  • Exercise helped me combat morning sickness
  • Knowing that taking care of myself would directly impact the Mother that I was about to be for my babies and taking care of myself would set an example for my children to follow
  • Exercise gave me an opportunity to “pump myself up” for delivery ūüôā
  • Exercise made me feel better and therefore eat better
  • Exercise significantly helped relieve aches and pains that accompanied pregnancy
  • Knowing that strengthening my body would allow me to carry my twins through a full pregnancy and help me carry both of them afterwards (still carrying both around at the same time now at 22lbs each!)
  • Knowing that exercise greatly helped balance my hormones and therefore, my mood
  • Feeling strong made me feel like I could handle anything thrown at me
  • Exercise strengthened my mind just as much as it did my body

My favorite ways to move!

  • POWER WALKING! ¬†I love nothing more than listening to motivating and empowering music, throwing on the old runners and getting outside for a walk! ¬†I use this time to think, reflect and pump myself up for whatever is to come! ¬†Get outside for 30 minutes and walk with a purpose! ¬†Experiencing a sore back? ¬†Try wearing a supportive belly band to alleviate some of the weight! ¬†It was my savior during the last couple months of my pregnancy!
  • Swimming – When I was pregnant, nothing helped literally lift the load better hitting the pool! ¬†Another one of my favorite ways to relax, de-stress and get a great workout in!
  • Prenatal Yoga – My hips were so sore when I was pregnant. ¬†Yoga was a great way to alleviate these pains, ¬†strengthen and stretch my body and permeate¬†my mind with positivity.
  • Barre Class – I started taking “Barre” class when I was 4 months pregnant and hit that barre up until my last month. ¬†I wasn’t the cutest ballerina by 8 months, but getting out there, meeting wonderful women, strengthening my body and mind was an incredible feeling. ¬†Barre was a great way to strengthen my body in a low impact way. ¬†Make sure to ask the instructor for modifications for all exercises and work at your own pace!
  • Strength Training – prepared me for labor, delivery and the tasks that came with being a new Mother. ¬†Carrying 2 car seats around definitely requires some strength! ¬†Try and join a Mommy Bootcamp or a Pregnancy Bootcamp. ¬†Make sure and discuss with your doctor prior to starting any strength program.

You are almost there Mommas! ¬†If you are cleared by your Doc, keep moving! ¬†The benefits of exercise WAY outweigh the joy you will get from that re-run of “sex and the city!”

Kelly S & O xo