New Mommas… You know first hand how busy life can get after having children, leaving little to no time for yourself to fit in those “once had” amazing workouts!  I myself even find it a challenge devoting a part of my day to getting my sweat on!

Several women have emailed me asking how “I fit in fitness” throughout my day.

Questions that I have been asked:

  • Is it okay if I only have 30 minutes to walk at lunchtime?
  • Do I have to go to the gym to count it as a good workout?
  • I am so tired and can’t imagine mustering up the energy to do a full fitness program!
  • I am so busy with the kids and I have no time to workout!
  • Are there ways that I can do little bits of fitness throughout my day?  How?  Does this even count as fitness?

I completely understand how exercise can seem like a difficult task with little ones at home.  We must redefine fitness Moms!  Let’s put on our creative thinking caps and find fun ways that we can make our every day doings, fitness!

Sophie, Olivia and I challenge you to support, motivate and share with other Mommas, “how you make it fitness!”  Email me at with a video, picture or simply a sentence sharing with us how you fit in fitness in your every day routine.  Each week, we will post and share with fellow Moms “how you make it fitness!”

This week, Sophie, Olivia and I challenge you to work that tummy while reading to your babe!  Planks, side planks, laying hip raises, leg lowers… Pick 3 of your favorite core exercises, 3 of their favorite books and make “story time,” fitness! 😉

Watch this week’s video HERE! 

Get moving, make it fun and feel great knowing that you are inspiring other Moms in their journey towards ultimate health!

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Kelly S & O xo