I know how time consuming it is being a Mother. Being able to get a quick shower in seems like quite the treat. 😉

A few commom misconseptions that I hear from Mothers are:

* I don’t have any time to work out or time to go to the gym

* I am not able to devote myself to a whole fitness program

* I cannot afford a Personal Trainer

* I am way too tired to exercise

Momma’s, I want you to adopt this new motto… “Every Bit Counts!”

You don’t have to commit to a complex fitness program, spend an hour at the gym, or even go to the gym! And I promise that even a little bit of exercise will give you the greatest boost of energy!

While your tots are on the ground doing “tummy time,” I challenge you to get down there with them and complete your own “10 minute tummy time!”


Every bit counts! 

Kelly, S & O xo

*NOTE – Make sure that you are cleared by your Doctor to partake in any exercise program postpartum.