It just so happens that this Friday is “International Day of Happiness!” 🙂

Happiness is one human desire that we all have in common. The pursuit of happiness has no borders, no backgrounds and no cultural barriers. No matter who we are, where we are from or what we believe, the pursuit of happiness is sought by all.

I personally find reading, researching, journaling and learning about happiness and tools to “find your happiness,” very beneficial.

I came across a great website that I would like to share in honor of International Day Of Happiness.

Today has made me think of “what really makes me happy,” and what actions I can take to “pursue my happiness.”

Here is what my list looks like so far:

* Sophie and Olivia and seeing them healthy, happy and thriving

* My family and friends and the close relationships I have with them

* Helping others – be this with fitness, nutrition or personal support. Seeing those I help achieve their health goals, gives me such a sense of happiness! 

* Giving back – volunteering

* Exercise and eating healthy – Exercise produces “happy hormones!!!”

* Smiling and laughing

* Adopting the motto “Let it go”

* Setting goals – personal and professional

* Writing my blog and sharing my knowledge and stories

* Appreciating all of the incredible “gifts” that I have today

* Adopting the motto “Lighten up”

* Live in the now. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow.

* Act the way I want to feel – we do hold the power to our happiness

Take your happiness into your own hands. Spend 5 minutes and create your “happiness list” and see how many you can check off today 🙂

Heading out for a power walk with S & O.  Exercise… CHECK 😉


Happy Happiness Day and Happy Friday!

Kelly S and O xo