I get asked all the time by Mothers:

  • “How do you find the time to exercise while home with 2 babies?!”
  • “How do you find time to stick to a fitness routine?”
  • “How do you find time to go to the gym?!”
  • “Where do you leave your kids when you go to the gym?”

The big answer to all of these questions?  Change your perception of “fitness!”

As a stay at home mom of twin toddlers, days are full on from 7am to 8pm with a 2 hour nap break in the afternoon to pick up the explosion of mess that erupts each morning! 😉  With limited time to myself, I had to redefine my definition of exercise and fit in fitness into my new normal!

Prior to having children, my idea of fitness was probably similar to many peoples.  I would be sitting (working) most of the day and then I would KILL myself for one hard, sweaty hour at the gym!  And then I would go back to sitting.  I would get frustrated when I wasn’t seeing results!

Now in my new role as a Mother, I rarely go to the gym, my workouts are not nearly as long and intense, yet I feel fitter and healthier than I have ever been!  Why?  Because I have changed the way that I view exercise!  I see every activity in my day as an opportunity to “exercise!”

What do I consider “exercise?”

  • Carrying Sophie and Liv up and down the stairs, carrying them anywhere really!
  • Walking with Soph and Liv in the baby bjorns…Ummmm pretty much like wearing a weighted vest, yes?
  • Chasing my kids around the house!  Playing hide and seek!
  • Pushing my kids in the stroller!
  • Jogging with kids in the stroller – Pushing around 80lbs!
  • Biking with kids in bike trailer!
  • Having dance parties on rainy days with Soph and Liv!
  • Making forts with my girls!
  • Playing at the park with my kids!
  • Chasing bubbles, balls, butterflies and wild bunnies outside!
  • CLEANING THE HOUSE – I literally am dripping after this one!
  • Tummy time with the kids – a great opportunity to get in some core!
  • Reading books to my kids – work on that core while reading, doing puzzles, playing!
  • Parented gymnastics class!  Soph, Liv and I stared gymnastics and I have never had such a hard workout chasing them around, making sure they stay on the balance beam and out of the foam pit 😉

There are so many opportunities to fit in fitness as a stay at home Mom…Just a small shift in perspective can make all the difference!  How do you fit in fitness as a stay at home mom?


Kelly, S & O xo

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