Did you know that perscritpions for antidepressants in Canada alone have almost quadroupled since 2000?  Many of these being perscribed to our youth?  I completely understand that they are necessary for many situations, but it seems as though they are more commonly becoming the first line of defense, while neglecting to first look at one’s lifestyle, stress, balance, nutrition and exercise.

It is so easy to forget how importnat nutrition and fitness are when you are in a slump.  AND when you are in a slump, that last thing that you want to do is move your body.  I find that when I am in this state, I move less, eat more, drink more and to be quite frank, find myself trapped in the cycle of negative thinking and self “pity partying!”  It is a trap, not a fun one to be in and we can get out of the sinking “quick sand” quicker when we ensure that we as busy Moms are carving out a little time for us too.  Balance is key here…

Studies have shown that practices such as exercise, nutrition, yoga/meditation and positive thinking are not only MORE effective than other measures but are a much better LONG term solution for overall health.  Creating these healthy habits here are key and by increasing your exercise and fueling your brain with real, healthy foods, you are naturally boosting and balancing all of your feel good chemicals seritonin, dopamine and cortisol!

Tips for feeling you BEST you:

  1. Check what you are putting in your mouth! I can’t stress enough how much food plays a roll in how we feel.  If we are fueling our tank with CRAP, that will directly reflect how we feel physically and mentally.
  2. Omega 3s! These are necessary to fuel our brain and in our SAD (Standard American Diet) most people are getting way too much Omega 6s and not nearly enough Omega 3s!  Get your 3’s from fish, flaxseed oil, chia seeds, walnuts/walnut oil, smoked salmon, oysters, soybeans, spinach.
  3. Cut the caffeine.  This will give you a initial boost, but too much caff can backfire and stress your adrenals. Opt for decaf, tea or hot water and lemon
  4. Cardio, cardio, cardio!  Working up a sweat can do wonders for your body and mind!  Opt for 30 mins of activity a day! It may sound like a lot, but think about how much other time you waste on other mindless activities…Fit it in!
  5. Meditate, or sit and breath (call it what you want!)  I use to think that meditation was a hippy dippy activity, until I had kids and there was no time to “catch my breath!”  Even 10 minutes a few times a week can have incredible benefits on your health!  Slowing down, taking some time for yourself and creating some space from all of the “clutter” in your head is an incredible feeling!  I use the app “Headspace” for guided, simplke meditations!