Can’t wait to get those runners back on and hit the ground running?

After lugging around my almost 13lbs of pure babes kicking me at all angles, I couldn’t wait to have my body back! However, no matter how eager you are to shed that baby weight, it is very important to ease back into your routine! Pushing yourself too much too soon could result in serious injury!

I am sure that many of you can relate to your “birthing plan” not going quite as planned. I was hoping to deliver my twins naturally, however after 9 hours of labor, I ended up with Sophie coming naturally and Olivia an emergency c-section. Not quite like the beautiful and magical birthing videos I watched in our labor class, but I am SO unbelievably fortunate to have given birth to TWO beautiful and healthy identical twin girls!

I pushed myself a little too much too soon and ended up prolonging my recovery.

Listen to your body and ease back into your routine!


Relaxin is a hormone that is produced in both pregnant and non-pregnant women; however, it reaches its maximum level when pregnancy occurs. Not only does it affect your pelvic area, Relaxin affects all of your joints causing laxity and instability. This hormone remains high after delivery, potentially even more so in women who breastfeed their babies.



  • Practice proper posture after delivery to restore neutral spine and alignment
  • Avoid all high impact activities for the first few months after delivery
  • All movements should be performed within a “normal range of motion”
  • Get those tummy muscles working first: core stability should be increased prior to adding a lot of weight training into your routine
  • Focus on endurance based activities before trying resistance training
    • Ex. Walk, swim, ride the stationary bike or elliptical
  • Avoid flexibility work as the Relaxin could potentially cause over stretching the ligaments

BOTTOM LINE LADIES: You just made a human being so Relax-in and take it SLOW!

Kelly, S & O xo