Namaste Ladies,

Trying to conceive is an exciting time!  However, it can also be a very stressful time for a woman…especially when things don’t go as smoothly as planned.  

Stress is very counter productive when trying to plant the seed, yet it is difficult NOT to stress when you want something so badly!

Yoga is a great tool to help control your level of stress!  So get down there and “Downward Dog it for your fertility!”

Yoga for Fertility:

  1.    Helps Reduce Stress!

Stress and getting pregnant is not a good combo!  The stress that we put on ourselves to try and get pregnant is completely counter productive!  Think back to cavewoman days.  If one were stressed out (famine, running from pray, war,) our bodies would not allow us to bring on more stress to the body (pregnancy.)   So it is today!  The more we stress, the more difficult it will be to conceive. Yoga is a great way to help relieve physical and mental stress, lower cortisol and help boost fertility!

  1.   Strengthens Immune System!

Some studies have shown that working on breathing and meditation can reduce stress, and therefore improve the immune system function!  Less illness = healthier body = better environment for conception.

  1.   Improve Ovarian Function!

Certain yoga poses can actually “wake up” the ovaries by increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs, increasing oxygen flow and nutrients to those precious eggs!

  1.   Improve blood flow to the uterus!

Sometimes “blockages” can be seen with infertility.  Certain yoga poses such as the pigeon, cobra pose, bridge pose, child’s pose and legs up the wall pose can actually help increase blood flow to the uterus and “open up” these blockages!

  1.    Increases IVF success rates!

Again, stress hormones can have a negative effect on our chances of conceiving.  Going through any fertility issues can be extremely stressful on the woman.  Yoga will help decrease stress and increase “happy hormones,” which may help a woman’s chances of conception!

Check your local yoga studio for classes today!

With love,

Kelly S & O xo