Coffee Crazed?  Me too!  However, I am trying to nix the caffeine and reach for hot water and lemon instead!

Caffeine Concerns:

  • Caffeine is particularly taxing on our liver
  • Too much caffeine can over tax the liver and slow down the liver’s ability to burn fat and cleanse out other harmful toxins in our bodies.
  • Caffeine is very acidic to our bodies, negatively affecting our bodies’ pH level.
  • Caffeine can increase cortisol levels (stress hormone,) which has been linked to excess fat storage.
  • Caffeine can also potentially promote norepinephrine production, another stress hormone that affects our brain and nervous system.  This may cause increased heart rate, blood pressure and feeling jittery.
  • Caffeine can make us feel more anxious and nervous.

Swap That Cup of Joe for Hot Water and Lemon!:

  • Lemons are one of the most alkaline foods around!  They help balance your body’s pH, which make for a healthier, less toxic you!
  • Lemons have similar “boosting” affects as caffeine, without taxing the gall bladder!
  • Hot water and lemon is a great and safe alternative to coffee during pregnancy!
  • Lemons are high in pectin fiber, which can help fight hunger cravings!
  • Lemons are high in vitamin c and potassium, helping fight off colds, control blood pressure and stimulate brain and nervous system function!
  • Lemons help with digestion, helping flush unwanted toxins!
  • Bonus – lemons can help clear skin and freshen that breath!

Get your “zest for life” this morning!

Kelly S & O xo