Change your relationship with your health, change your life…

Do you feel like you have a healthy relationship with fitness and nutrition?  Or one that feels like a constant battle?  

When we put our bodies through the ringer with the latest “fad diets” that deprive us of food groups, starve ourselves to fit into that bikini, drink copious amounts of coffee to get a jolt, eat healthy for a few days and then binge eat, kill ourselves at the gym or are ALWAYS on some sort of diet, our relationship with heath, and ourselves for that matter, is in need of improvement in my opinion.

Have you ever noticed that when you change your mindset about something from “battle” to “balance and self compassion,” the dynamics of the situation begin to change?  It is no longer “you” against “you,” but rather “you” and “yourself” on the same team.

Rather than setting unattainable goals this year where if you miss one day at the gym or eat too much chocolate one day you beat yourself up, quit and wait until next January to start living healthy again, change your approach gently and gradually with your health.  Little changes each and every day that are attainable and that add up!  Incorporating small bursts of fitness where and when you can!  Replacing processed and unhealthy foods for more fruits, vegetables, whole grains…actual REAL food!  Loving, being grateful for all of the good and accepting where you are now, exactly in this moment and celebrating your small “wins!”  Bit by bit…success and results will present!

Healthy habits are formed by small changes and repetition.  What small steps will you take this year to be the best you for you and your children?


Kelly S & O xo

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