Being a Mother is difficult yet, one of the most rewarding jobs one can have.  The pressure of molding and shaping these young people can be overwhelming, stressful and worrisome at times!

This past summer, I joined my family for a relaxing week at the Colorado cabin.  One eve, once my girls were tucked into bed, I was sitting on the dock reading yet another parenting book…;)  My sister Hayden questioned why I read so many parenting books.  She then said something so simple, yet brilliant.  “A Mother’s job is to build the heart.”  This got me thinking…


Every Mother wants the very best for her child.  We are so concerned about making sure that they are involved in all of the extra curricular activities, stimulating all areas of thier brain, learning the ABC’s, songs, problem solving, learning a musical instrument, becoming the top of their class at school…the list goes on!  We push and push and push to ensure that our kids are at the top.  But aren’t we forgetting one critical component?  One that in my opinion is the most important thing that we can teach and offer our children?  The one thing that only a Mother can offer?  “A Mother’s job is to build the heart.”  So simple, yet so powerful and important.


When life feels crazy, chaotic and busy; pause, love your children, connect with them, be in the moment, keep them close and build their little hearts.  For at the end of the day, the heart is all that really matters…

Kelly S & O xo